Cascais Tourism Board - Visitors & Convention Bureau fully respects the right to privacy of users of this website, which is why, in principle, it does not capture or use browsing information that could identify its visitors, limiting the collection of information of a personal nature to the data that is voluntarily provided by visitors/users, and using it solely for the purposes for which it is intended.

In addition to the above, it is hereby clarified that the Website collects and uses the following information, in line with the provisions on cookies:The user’s country of origin, in order to improve the match between the user’s aims and interests and the information that is displayed; Information explicitly indicated by the user about his or her profile and interests, so as to display those contents that better suit the visitor; The identification of the visitor signing up, subscribing to newsletters or asking for information, regardless of the computer he or she uses, with the creation of a login comprising an e-mail address and a password.

Any interaction with the Website will be recorded for quality control and reporting purposes.


This website uses 'cookies', which are small text files saved on the user's computer. These enable Cascais Tourism Board to identify the computers that access the website, and the contents that are of interest to their users.

The 'cookie' does not save any information that identifies the user.

Although Cascais Tourism Board does not pass on any information, even unidentified, to third parties, this website does save statistical information collected about the preferences of its visitors, which it may pass on to official bodies in the tourism sector.

'Cookies' enable this website to recognise the user of a computer on a subsequent visit, with the new visit operating as a continuation of the previous one.

The use of 'cookies' may be disabled on your computer. On some operating systems and/or browsers they may be disabled for certain sites only. Consult your computer's manual to change your settings to allow 'cookies' from this website.

If you disable the use of 'cookies', this website will treat you as a new user whenever you access it, and will not save any information regarding your visits.

Simultaneously, not using cookies may result in certain features on the Website becoming inoperable.

Transfer of requests for information

Requests for information submitted through the 'Contact Us' page may be forwarded to other entities better qualified to provide the clarification or assistance requested. This referral is made individually and not in data files, and shall be made known to the user.

Personal information will only be passed to other entities in the case identified above and whenever this is in accordance with the applicable legislation or when Cascais Tourism Board is required to do so by a court order.

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